To promote understanding of other cultures through education and exchange programs.

To encourage interest in and a value for different cultures.

To develop a process whereby Garden Grove residents have the means and opportunities to learn about and communicate with people from foreign countries.

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Sister City Association

of Garden Grove


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Let's go to korea!

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Our exchange program history with Anyang

Garden Grove has had a Sister City relationship with Anyang, Republic of Korea, since 1987. The primary goal of the Sister City Association is to further the knowledge and understanding between the people of Garden Grove and Anyang. The Student Exchange Program, which started in 1991, is our major activity. In January of each year, Sister City Association of Garden Grove (SCAGG) welcomes high school students from Anyang, for about one week to visit local sites and experience American culture. We highly encourage you and your family to host a student from Anyang. This will give you exposure to the Korean culture and build lasting relationships with our friends overseas.

This year, we will again sponsor up to ten high school students (juniors and seniors) who attend the Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) to travel to Anyang, Republic of Korea, and live with a Korean host family during GGUSD’s spring break. Student selection is based on a completed application, which will be used to screen applicants for an interview with SCAGG members.

Important things to note for the trip:

  • Due to travel to the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, only U.S. citizens may travel with SCAGG. You must be able to obtain a U.S. passport several months prior to departure. Any students whose passport expires six (6) months prior to the first day of the trip must have a renewed passport by the end of February, prior to the trip.


  • Students will travel with a chaperone from SCAGG at all times, when not with their host family, and will be living and eating in the homes of Anyang families. The tentative dates for the trip coincide with GGUSD’s spring break. Students will be missing two days of school. It is the student’s responsibility to clear their absences with their school and teachers. SCAGG is NOT affiliated with GGUSD and cannot clear absences.

  • The students’ itinerary while in Korea is designed and conducted by the City of Anyang. While in Anyang, our students are likely to meet many City officials and staff of Anyang. They will carry with them the official greetings of the City of Garden Grove and SCAGG.


  • Each student will receive a scholarship of $500 to defray airline ticket expenses. Round-trip air fare in the spring is approximately $1,200. Your share of the cost of the airfare is due by the end of February.

  • Students must be able to obtain a U.S. passport by February, which cost approximately $100.

  • All students selected for the trip must purchase an overseas medical insurance policy through SCAGG (information will be provided at the mandatory meetings prior to travel). The cost of such policies are typically about $20.

Timeline to Korea


​October 9, 2019

GGUSD student applications open

November 8, 2019

Applications due

November 20, 2019

Students selected for the interview process will notified

December 8, 2019

Student interviews

December 18, 2019 

First mandatory informational parent meeting. (This meeting will be for the parents hosting a student from Anyang.)

February (Date TBD)

Second mandatory informational parent meeting

March (Date TBD)

Final mandatory informational parent meeting

April 6-10, 2019

GGUSD Spring Break

Still have questions? Please contact your school counselors for the program or us at ggsistercity@gmail.com