To promote understanding of other cultures through education and exchange programs.

To encourage interest in and a value for different cultures.

To develop a process whereby Garden Grove residents have the means and opportunities to learn about and communicate with people from foreign countries.

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Sister City Association

of Garden Grove


Garden Grove, CA 92842



Jenny, 2018

From Korean BBQ, to Myeongdong, to the subways and buses... hands down it was an extraordinary opportunity that will never cease to leave my mind. During my time there, I made several brothers and sisters, not only with the people in the program but as well as the wonderful people of Korea. I am glad to say that we all keep in contact to this very day!

Alan, 2019

After only a day, I had already felt like I was a part of their family [...] like I was their own son.  Throughout the trip, I was able to reconnect with old friends and establish strong relationships with so many new people, from students to the translators, to even the mayor of the city, I was able to develop an unbreakable bond with people that I hadn't even known. [...]  It's truly remarkable how an experience of just one week can change a person's whole perspective on life and culture

Brandee, 2019

The supervisors and teachers put in genuine effort to make sure that we had the best 10 days of our lives. [...] Through this, I was able to form a sisterly bond with my host student, a bond that I expect to hold onto many years from now. Our initial encounters were awkward and shy but in the span of one week, we formed the bond of a family. We all considered each other as family despite the cultural and language barrier and I found that beautiful.

Cody, 2018

[...] Though we couldn’t communicate fluently, we understood each other perfectly.  Over the next few days, I was rushed from one event to another, seeing the sights of Anyang and Seoul and experiencing a snippet of life in South Korea. [...] I learned so much about their values (both alike and different) and I saw Korean society in a whole new light that only made me appreciate it all the more.